Digital Transformation

Platform for Enterprise Finance & Procurement

Go beyond the limits of RPA with Decision Engines IPA bots that are purpose-built to handle documents and data in enterprise business processes in the Finance and Procurement departments at scale.

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Intelligent Finance

  • ZERO BPO: Process multi-layout, multi-lingual global invoices and purchase orders in real-time with no BPO.
  • IMPROVE CASH FLOW: Improve cash flow by enforcing contractual payment and tax terms in AP & AR processes
  • REDUCE RISK: Manage payment risk with intelligent risk assessment for approvals, duplicate detection, and fraud alerts.

Intelligent Procurement

  • MANAGE RISK: ensure 100% compliance with tax, privacy, and govt regulations.
  • IMPROVE PERFORMANCE: Manage contract renewals, Track deliverables, and Reduce penalties
  • REDUCE LEAKAGE: Enforce contractual terms and conditions across other business processes such as AP, AR, Warehousing, etc.

Intelligent Document Processing

  • LAYOUT INVARIANT: Handles multiple documents with no setup or data science experience including invoices, PO’s, Bill of Lading, Finance statements, Contracts
  • PRE-TRAINED: on multiple domains and document structures
  • REAL-TIME LEARNING: Learns new document formats and structures on the fly with business user help


Seamlessly integrates into all of your back-office systems

Integrates seamlessly with any ERP, RPA, or custom applications using APIs, File exchange, or Screen automation to ingest documents and data, such as Contracts, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Master data, etc.

Requires little technical knowledge to install. Integrations are simple to set up and can show a financial return within days of implementation.

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