Citizen Developer Function in Supply Chain Automation

Citizen Developer Function in Supply Chain Automation

The advancement of automation technology has drastically changed the face of operations management. To get a competitive edge in this ever-shifting landscape, supply chain automation is now essential for success. This automation involves the integration of modern technologies to replace manual tasks for more streamlined workflows and improved efficiency.

Applying automation to the supply chain process has resulted in far more effective customer service standards, greater visibility into inventory levels, and better communication between suppliers and customers. Even with these improvements, companies must also consider how they will gain access to certain automation skills with limited resources – which is where citizen developers come in.

In essence, citizen developers are those who have the adequate technical knowledge to create an automation solution while conforming to business standards and compliance guidelines. By incorporating citizen developers into existing teams, businesses can expand their ‘automation supply chain’ without having to invest additional capital or hire new employees due to their specialized skill set.

Citizen Developer Function in Supply Chain Automation

The citizen developer is an important part of the overall automation process, as they are able to quickly identify and leverage existing technology processes for improved operational performance. This allows them to directly influence customer satisfaction by ensuring that the right products are shipped in a timely manner.

Additionally, with their knowledge of automated tools such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and robotic process automation (RPA), they are also able to assist in creating a more efficient supply chain. Through the use of these tools, companies can more accurately predict customer demand and offload tasks from employees – resulting in significantly shorter cycle times and increased productivity.

With their data management and analytics knowledge, citizen developers can also ensure that the most up-to-date customer data is available. This provides companies with a complete picture of their customer’s needs and preferences – enabling them to better predict customer demand and react rapidly to changes in the market.

Ultimately, the use of citizen developers in supply chain automation can help companies meet customer demands, manage inventory levels, and improve their overall operational efficiency. By leveraging their technical knowledge, businesses can ensure that they are able to stay ahead of the competition and remain competitive in today’s ever-changing market.

Citizen Developer Function in Supply Chain Automation

What Citizen Developer Can Build For Supply Chain Automation

Citizen developers are essential for supply chain automation and can make a big difference in improving operational efficiency. By customizing existing tools, they can quickly create automated workflows that free up time for employees to focus on more important tasks. Some of the things that citizen developers can build include:

  • Automated inventory management systems that track and monitor inventory levels in real-time;
  • Automated customer service portals with live chatbots for improved customer support;
  • Robotic process automation (RPA) solutions to streamline manual tasks;
  • Intelligent supply chain analytics solutions for better forecasting of customer demand;
  • AI-driven predictive models to better anticipate customer needs; and
  • Data-driven insights to help improve operational performance.

By creating these customized solutions, citizen developers are able to help companies get the most out of their supply chain automation efforts. This can result in improved customer satisfaction, as well as cost savings due to faster order fulfillment and reduced waste.


The presence of citizen developers in supply chain automation is invaluable, as they provide companies with the ability to quickly create solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. While traditional automation solutions may be cost-prohibitive or difficult to implement, citizen developers offer an effective and cost-efficient alternative that can have a dramatic impact on a company’s bottom line. As such, it is essential for companies to recognize the importance of citizen developers and include them in their automation strategy.

In conclusion, the incorporation of citizen developers into the supply chain automation process is essential for ensuring that companies remain competitive and can respond rapidly to customer demands. With their specialized technical knowledge and experience, they are able to provide businesses with a powerful tool to increase efficiency while avoiding costly investments. By utilizing citizen developers, companies can reduce costs and maximize their automation potential.

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