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Claim Processing with DecisionEngines

Claim processing is now easier and faster than ever with Decision Engines InvoiceIQ. Our AI-powered AP automation solution eliminates manual tasks, allowing your team time to focus on other essential activities. Its automated workflow engine and deep learning technologies allow it to seamlessly process multi-layout, worldwide paper invoices with over 85% accuracy. This ensures your AP team constantly works with the most accurate and up-to-date information, reducing costly errors and delays.

Moreover, Decision Engines InvoiceIQ constantly learns new vendor formats on the fly, dramatically decreasing the processing time for each invoice. It also enables data orchestration between vendors, AP systems, and the AP team in a unified, automated way. This allows your team to focus on what matters most — promptly paying all bills.

Use Case

Imagine you have an invoice from a vendor located in another country. With Decision Engines InvoiceIQ, this is no longer an obstacle — the AI-powered solution will quickly and accurately extract data, regardless of the language or format of the document. Moreover, it can detect discrepancies between invoices and purchase orders and alert your team, ensuring they are appropriately addressed.

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