ID Extraction

ID Extraction with Decision Engines

Decision Engines also offers ID extraction capabilities. Our AI-driven platform can quickly and accurately extract data from IDs, such as driver’s licenses or passports, saving you time and money. It uses deep learning algorithms to detect characters regardless of size or font type.

Plus, our ID recognition software makes it easy to search for terms within your documents. And if you’re dealing with multiple languages, no problem — Decision Engines can handle it all.

Use Case

Say you have a stack of IDs from various employees, some of which are handwritten or printed in different languages. With Decision Engines ID Extraction, this is not an issue — it can quickly and accurately extract data, regardless of the language or format of the document. Plus, it will alert your team if discrepancies between IDs are detected.

This not only speeds up the process of searching for key terms in IDs but also increases accuracy, reducing costly errors and ensuring that all critical business documents are compliant with regulations. With Decision Engines ID Extraction, you can take advantage of AI-driven automation to save time and money.

Get started today with Decision Engines! Our patented AI and ML bots are designed to help you extract key elements from contracts or IDs, and track, analyze, and manage risk during the course of the contract life. Let us help you reduce costs and improve efficiency with our AI-powered solutions.

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