Invoice Digitization

Decision Engines integration with SAP and SAP Ariba

Decision Engines offers prebuilt connector bots that provide Invoice Digitization services for various document types, including invoices and LATAM VAT. This service helps businesses to streamline their financial operations by automating the process of data extraction from invoices and other financial documents.

The Invoice Digitization connector bots work seamlessly with SAP and SAP Ariba platforms. The bots can extract data from invoices and other financial documents in various formats, including PDF, TIFF, and JPEG. The extracted data is then transformed into a structured format and mapped to the relevant fields in SAP and SAP Ariba.

Use Case

Challenge: Enterprise Healthcare Provider (EHP) is inundated with thousands of contracts from various businesses every month. Currently, dedicated full-time employees are tasked with inputting new contract terms into a Contract Management System (CMS) and scrutinizing for significant clause changes, which are then escalated to the business. Given the sheer size, volume, and unique nature of each contract, this process is extremely labor-intensive, resulting in substantial costs for EHP in terms of both internal full-time employees and third-party outsourcing.

Solution: Decision Engines takes over the receipt of new contracts from the business. Automated bots are then deployed to digitize the contracts, specifically pinpointing key dates and crucial clauses. Once these elements are identified, Decision Engines transmit the digitized information to the contract management system.

Why Choose Decision Engines

Decision Engines’ prebuilt connector bots are an excellent solution for businesses looking to automate their accounts payable processes. The platform’s multilingual capabilities, seamless integration with PO and Payment systems, and integration with SAP Ariba and Salesforce make it a powerful solution for companies of all sizes. With Decision Engines, businesses can streamline their operations, reduce costs, and improve their bottom line.

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