Invoice Processing

Invoice Processing with Decision Engines

Invoice processing with DecisionEngines is faster, easier, and more accurate than ever. With its AI-powered AP automation solution, you can quickly extract data from multi-layout invoices, regardless of language or format. It also detects discrepancies between invoices and purchase orders and alerts your team accordingly.

And thanks to the automated workflow engine and deep learning technologies, DecisionEngines can accurately process invoices with over 85% accuracy. This ensures your AP team constantly uses the most up-to-date information, reducing costly errors and delays.

For added convenience, Decision Engines InvoiceIQ allows data orchestration between vendors, AP systems, and the AP team in a unified, automated way. This eliminates manual data entry and tedious activities that take up precious time and resources.

Use Case

Say you have an invoice with a complex layout from a vendor in another country. With Decision Engines InvoiceIQ, this is not an issue — it can quickly and accurately extract data, regardless of the language or format of the document. Plus, it will alert your team if discrepancies between invoices and purchase orders are detected.

Decision Engines provides a cloud platform that automates your business processes using artificial intelligence. Our platform offers end-to-end process automation for your business, replacing manual tasks and enabling autonomous decision-making. You can easily manage your processes from start to finish using our self-service, business-driven platform.

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