Procurement Processes

Decision Engines combines Generative AI with Process Automation, empowering Procurement team to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Supercharge Procurement Performance

Explore how Decision Engines harnesses the potential of Generative AI
and Process Automation to amplify efficiency and productivity for Procurement teams.


Invoice Digitization

DecisionIQ’s automation platform simplifies the procurement process by converting all paper invoices to a digital format, using advanced AI and OCR technology, thereby increasing accuracy and reducing manual data entry. Learn How

Invoice IPO Reconciliation

DecisionIQ automatically matches digital invoice data with corresponding purchase orders and receipt data in the system, ensuring the validity and accuracy of each invoice. Learn How

Service Invoice Validation

DecisionIQ’s platform validates service invoices by cross-verifying the digitized data with job orders and service completion reports, flagging any discrepancies for review. Learn How

Fraud Detection

Leveraging AI and machine learning algorithms, the platform identifies patterns and anomalies that could indicate fraudulent activities, thereby enhancing the security of the procurement process. Learn How

Cash Reconciliation

The DecisionIQ system automates the process of cash reconciliation by comparing the organization’s internal financial records with bank statements, thus ensuring accurate financial reporting.
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Transform Finance IT Into an Innovation Hub - Empowering CFOs to Drive Technological Growth
Transform Finance IT Into an Innovation Hub - Empowering CFOs to Drive Technological Growth
Transform Finance IT Into an Innovation Hub - Empowering CFOs to Drive Technological Growth


Chief Procurement Officer (CPO)

  • Contract Development and Drafting: ConverseIQ’s AI-Powered Assistant can streamline and automate the contract creation process, generate templated contracts, and ensure the inclusion of all essential clauses.
  • Contract Negotiation: It provides real-time intelligence on negotiation strategies and potential outcomes, facilitating informed decision-making during negotiations.
  • Contract Review and Analysis: ConverseIQ’s Assistant can review and analyze contract terms, identify key points of concern, and provide insightful recommendations for revisions.
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation: The AI-Powered Assistant can assess potential risks in a contract, provide warnings, and suggest mitigation strategies based on historical data and learning.

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Contract Manager

  • Contract Creation: ConverseIQ’s AI-Powered Assistant can simplify the contract creation process, generating custom contracts based on predetermined templates and ensuring all vital clauses are included.
  • Contract Administration and Compliance Monitoring: With ConverseIQ, contract administration becomes easier as it tracks key dates and obligations, while its compliance monitoring feature ensures all contracts adhere to internal and external regulations.
  • Contract Review: The AI assistant is equipped to thoroughly review contract terms, highlighting key areas of concern and providing recommendations for any necessary revisions.

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Integrates to

Decision Engines Connectors seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. Experience a seamless and effortless integration, enhancing your productivity and streamlining your processes.

Your Procurement Team in Action

Envision your workday transformed by the powerful capabilities of Decision Engines’ comprehensive platform.
Discover how your team can harness its full potential and drive unprecedented efficiency and success.

Enhance Productivity and Drive Results

The ‘Act’ function in Decision Engines provides procurement teams with the power of process automation to handle repetitive purchasing tasks. This function, powered by intelligent process automation, takes care of tasks such as creating purchase orders, managing supplier contracts, and cataloging products or services. As a result, the procurement teams can dedicate more time to strategic supplier relationship management and procurement planning. The automated processes also reduce the risk of manual errors, ensuring faster and more accurate procurement operations.

Create Highly Customized Experiences

The ‘Author’ function of Decision Engines uses generative AI to automate the creation of procurement content. Be it drafting contracts, generating purchase reports, or creating explanatory notes, this AI does it all. It interprets intricate procurement data, and generates easy-to-understand content, which allows the procurement team to communicate effectively with suppliers and internal stakeholders. This function not only saves time but also enhances the clarity and comprehensibility of procurement communication, leading to improved relationships with suppliers.

Empowering Procurement with Strategic Insights

The ‘Insights’ function of Decision Engines leverages generative AI to extract meaningful insights from a wealth of procurement data. This function can spot trends, patterns, and anomalies in the data, which helps the procurement team with strategic sourcing decisions. These insights can reveal potential supply chain risks, identify opportunities for cost savings, and support negotiation strategies. As such, this function significantly boosts the procurement intelligence of the organization, leading to more effective procurement strategies and operations.

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