Sales Processes

Decision Engines combines Generative AI with Process Automation, empowering Sales team to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Supercharge Sales Performance

Explore how Decision Engines harnesses the potential of Generative AI
and Process Automation to amplify efficiency and productivity for Sales Teams.


Automated Lead Scoring

DecisionIQ uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze historical sales data and customer behavior, generating a ‘score’ for each lead that reflects their likelihood of converting. This enables your sales team to focus their efforts where they’re most likely to generate revenue. Learn How

RFP Automation

Responding to RFPs can be a time-consuming process. DecisionIQ automates much of this process, collating necessary data and populating responses, freeing up your team’s time to focus on building customer relationships. Learn How

Cross-Sell Recommendations

DecisionIQ analyzes customer data to identify products or services they’re likely to be interested in based on their past purchasing behavior. This provides your sales team with tailored recommendations to cross-sell effectively during their client interactions. Learn How

Up-Sell Opportunities

Similar to cross-sell recommendations, DecisionIQ can also identify when a customer might be ready for a product upgrade or could benefit from a higher-tier service, providing your sales team with strategic up-sell opportunities. Learn How

Transform Finance IT Into an Innovation Hub - Empowering CFOs to Drive Technological Growth
Transform Finance IT Into an Innovation Hub - Empowering CFOs to Drive Technological Growth
Transform Finance IT Into an Innovation Hub - Empowering CFOs to Drive Technological Growth


Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

  • Strategic Forecasting: ConverseIQ leverages historical data and AI to predict future revenue trends, facilitating proactive planning and decision-making.
  • Performance Analysis: The AI platform provides a deep analysis of sales performance, highlighting areas of strength and identifying potential for improvement.
  • Customer Segmentation: By leveraging AI algorithms, ConverseIQ enables precise customer segmentation, assisting in targeted marketing and sales efforts.
  • Automated Reporting: The platform automates the creation of detailed sales and revenue reports, saving time and providing crucial insights for the Chief Revenue Officer.

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Sales Operations / Manager

  • Automated RFP Responses: ConverseIQ simplifies the RFP process by generating tailored responses, thereby reducing response time and improving bid quality.
  • Lead Prioritization: By leveraging AI algorithms, ConverseIQ enables effective lead scoring and prioritization, ensuring that sales efforts are directed towards the most promising prospects.
  • Personalized Email Crafting: Utilizing customer data and AI-powered content generation, ConverseIQ enables the creation of highly personalized emails, improving customer engagement and conversion rates.

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Integrates to

Decision Engines Connectors seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. Experience a seamless and effortless integration, enhancing your productivity and streamlining your processes.

Your Sales Team in Action

Envision your workday transformed by the powerful capabilities of Decision Engines’ comprehensive platform.
Discover how your team can harness its full potential and drive unprecedented efficiency and success.

Actionable Steps That Drive Sales

The ‘Act’ function in Decision Engines empowers sales teams by automating routine and repetitive tasks. With intelligent process automation, tasks such as lead sorting, customer profiling, RFP creation, and order processing can be handled automatically, allowing salespeople to dedicate more time to building relationships with potential customers. The automation of these processes also reduces the likelihood of manual errors, leading to increased accuracy and speed in sales operations.

Create Highly Customized Experiences

The ‘Author’ function of Decision Engines utilizes generative AI to automate the creation of sales content. From crafting personalized emails to generating sales reports and forecasts, this function enables the sales team to communicate more effectively with customers and stakeholders. By interpreting complex sales data and turning it into easy-to-understand narratives, the Author function saves sales teams time spent on manual report writing, enhancing their productivity.

Uncover Hidden Opportunities and Drive Sales Success

The ‘Insights’ function in Decision Engines uses generative AI to derive valuable insights from extensive sales data. It can identify patterns, trends, and anomalies, providing the sales team with actionable intelligence for strategic decision-making. These insights can help the team identify potential sales opportunities, optimize pricing strategies, and tailor their sales approach to the specific needs and preferences of their customers. This function significantly enhances the sales intelligence of the organization, leading to improved sales performance and increased revenue growth.

Our Partners

Our Partners include top-tier technology companies who value the transformative power of AI in driving innovation, efficiency, and strategic decision-making.