DecisionEngines’ ConverseIQ platform uses generative AI to revolutionize sourcing and procurement. It combines advanced data analytics with automation for increased efficiency and better decision-making.

By processing vast datasets, ConverseIQ reduces manual interventions, empowering procurement professionals to focus on strategic initiatives.

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Key Features

Contract Review and Analysis, Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Compliance Monitoring, Contract Administration

Contract Performance Evaluation, Issue Resolution, Relationship Management

Contract Renewal and Termination, Cost Management

Reporting and Documentation, Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Contract Renewal, Termination, and Cost Management


ConverseIQ platform streamlines financial planning and budgeting for CPOs. Consolidating data sources and leveraging predictive analysis enables informed budget decisions and future expenditure planning.

Contract Manager

ConverseIQ offers extensive support to Contract Managers by orchestrating a range of features that streamline contract management processes.

Integrates to

Decision Engines Connectors seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. Experience a seamless and effortless integration, enhancing your productivity and streamlining your processes.