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Invoice Processing

Over time, staffing at the out-sourced supplier should be reduced by 80% and the client will benefit from reduced late payment penalties as well as an enhanced ability to offer early payment terms in return for supplier discounts.

Invoicing Enquiry

Decision Engines logs each instance, enabling analysis of requests to indicate possible invoice processing issues, resulting in improved service levels, removing bottlenecks, and reducing the workload and stress on Accounts Payable staff.

Missing PO Reconciliation

As a result, human intervention has been largely removed, with exceptions flagged when insufficient data can be derived from the invoice. The impact has been to accelerate none PO invoice processing, reducing the time and associated cost of handling thousands of invoices.

Legacy Contract Migration

Migrate Contracts from legacy document stores with intelligent content extraction to modern document stores and CLM systems.

Contract Digitization

Digitize existing and new contracts post-signing and create a single searchable store of contracts as well as update key systems with contract performance data.

Contract Risk Mitigation

Track deviations of clauses and field values from company standards during negotiations to optimize total contract risk.

Contraction Execution Risk

Track key contract obligations and deliverables during the course of the contract lifecycle and eliminate risk during the execution.

Contract Enforcement

Tie key contract field data into other systems such as AP or AR to enforce contractual agreements such as billing rates etc.

Contract Renewal Risk

Ensure higher renewal rates by analyzing key field values and corresponding performance metrics to surface high-risk contracts and actively mitigate renewal risk.

Supplier Pricing Updates

The result is significantly faster and more accurate processing of price changes on a 24×7 basis, saving the cost previously incurred through pricing errors and greatly reducing the hours spent by staff on a critical but complex task.

Bill of Lading

Data entry costs are lower and, with a much shorter lag between product receipt and entry into the company’s inventory system, it is easier to plan workload and staffing around busy or peak delivery times.


Automated W9 administration is extremely beneficial for tax compliance, but there are several more reasons to embrace digitization. Automation eliminates incorrect data and quickens the whole process. It makes invoice management and vendor finance easier. It allows you to generate a W-9 invoice, enhance cash flow (less labor), and increase payment choices. It’s a useful tool for doing menial jobs so you may focus on your business rather than spending time on it.

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